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Nonprofit Video Production

Tell your story, move more people.

Our unique nonprofit video production services help you communicate your organization’s mission in a compelling way.

Captivating Videos Will Connect You to More People  

Marketing for nonprofit agencies comes with unique challenges. These roadblocks can include high expectations and limited resources. Organizations also want their marketing tactics to connect with a diverse and large audience. 

Countless nonprofit agencies compete for the attention of their supporters. This competition makes it even more important for your organization to stand out. 

That’s where Storyteller Studios comes in. We understand that videos are a powerful way for you to tell your story. Our team creates videos that enable you to share your mission authentically. 

Get in touch with us today to learn why we’re the leading nonprofit video production company in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, and De Moines.

Explore the Different Types of Nonprofit Video Productions

The Storyteller Studios has partnered with many nonprofits over the years. We’ve discovered what types of videos are effective for awareness and fundraising campaigns. 

Impact Stories

Impact stories showcase the stories of people who have been impacted by the work of your nonprofit. These videos can be powerful in motivating people to donate to your organization and inspire empathy. 


A behind-the-scenes video gives a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of your non-profit. They can build trust with potential donors by showing them how their money will be utilized. 


Testimonials feature first-hand stories from your beneficiaries, volunteers, or donors. These types of videos can build credibility for your organization and demonstrate its impact. 

Call-to-Action Videos

We highlight the challenges and hurdles nonprofits face and how donors can help. You can directly ask for donations or volunteers in these videos. They can be effective in driving action. 

Video Fundraisers

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen that a video fundraiser is a wonderful way to engage with your supporters and raise funds in real time. They’re also a great option for raising money in many areas of the country.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Give us a Ring

You can reach our offices by calling 217-331-6763. We also have a form on our website where you can request a custom quote. We’ll get back to you within one business day. 

Step Two: Tell Us About Yourselves

We want to hear unique facts about your organization that’ll create an emotionally-driven video.

Step Three: We Create Your Video

Our production crew will come to your location to film your video.

Discover More About Our Team

If you’re looking for a highly-trained and professional team comprised of Emmy® award-winning producers, look no further than The Storyteller Studios. Our background in filming documentaries gives us the ability to craft an enticing video that captivates viewers. 

Get in Touch to Learn More About Our Nonprofit Video Production Services 

The team at Storyteller Studios looks forward to helping you elevate your nonprofit organization. Contact us to schedule a consultation to find out more about our video production services in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, and De Moines.

Every Second Counts: The Art of Perfecting Video Length in Marketing

In digital marketing, the duration of a video is one of the most pivotal factors in determining its success. Why?

  1. Viewer Attention Span: This will surprise no one, but recent studies have illuminated a trend; the attention span of the average consumer is shrinking. If a video is perceived as too lengthy, viewers might hesitate to start it or quickly abandon it halfway. By optimizing the video length, marketers can dramatically improve engagement.
  2. Platform Specifications: Different social platforms favor different video lengths. For instance, while a 20-minute video might be well-received on YouTube, it would be inappropriate for platforms like TikTok or Instagram. It’s essential to tailor video duration to the platform it’s intended for. Instagram stories last for a mere 15 seconds, while a LinkedIn video might have more leeway, extending to several minutes. Understanding each platform’s nuances helps in crafting content that aligns with user expectations.
  3. Content Clarity and Cohesiveness: An optimized video duration ensures that the message delivered is clear and concise. Rather than dragging a topic or incorporating unnecessary fillers, a well-timed video will stay focused on its primary objective, ensuring the (target) audience grasps the core message.
  4. Engagement Metrics: Videos that are aptly timed often see better engagement metrics. Completion rates tend to be higher when a video is concise and to the point. A viewer who completes a video is more likely to take the desired action, be it signing up, purchasing, or sharing the video.
  5. Mobile Consumption: This is all of us at this point, but mobile users often consume content on-the-go and prefer shorter, bite-sized videos that offer value without demanding substantial time commitment.
  6. Production Costs and Efficiency: Longer videos not only challenge the viewer’s patience but can also inflate production costs and time. Optimal video lengths can lead to a more streamlined production process, ensuring resources are used efficiently without compromising the content’s quality.
  7. Adaptability: Videos with optimized durations are more adaptable. They can be repurposed across various platforms or used in presentations, webinars, or workshops without overwhelming the audience or taking up excessive time.

In short, the duration of a marketing video is not just about fitting into a time frame but about maximizing viewer engagement, understanding platform dynamics, and efficiently delivering a specific message. Optimal video length ensures your content remains agile, relevant, and powerful. Storyteller Studios recommends the following video lengths based on strategic use:

  • Videos intended for an in-person audience should be no more than 5-minutes long.
  • Videos intended for use on websites and landing pages should be no more than 4-minutes long.
  • Videos intended for use on social media should be no more than 2-minutes long.
  • Videos intended for use as digital ads should be no more than 60-seconds long.

Video Production Indianapolis

We make Emmy®-winning video for companies and causes in Indianapolis.

Tell your story, move more people.

We’ve become one of the top video production companies serving Indianapolis because we know this; engaging videos are more than beautiful images. Engaging videos tell stories. Stories connect people. And people support businesses and causes they feel connected to. That’s why we exist. To connect people through the power of story. Modern marketers must make an emotional appeal to their audience. People only to decide to purchase a product or a service, or to support a cause, once they’ve been moved emotionally to do so. They make those decisions with their heart. And story is the universal language that captures the heart and moves people to action. But we make beautiful images, too.

Watch Our Indianapolis Video Production Work

The Storyteller Studios – Video Production Indianapolis

It really works. Our video productions have been nationally recognized for excellence many times, but what we’re most proud of is how our clients rave about their videos, the results they see, and what they have to say about the complete experience of working with Storyteller Studios team.

Stories Told, Nationwide

We’ve had the privilege of providing high-quality corporate video for businesses and causes of all shapes and sizes in Indianapolis, throughout the midwest and beyond. Over the years, our work has taken us to the slums of Africa, the cafes of Berlin, the islands of Puerto Rico, the seaside estates of the Hamptons, the rolling countryside of East Texas, and the fruit farms of California’s Central Coast.

Indianapolis Video Production Company

Now serving Indianapolis, IN, The Storyteller Studios is a professional video marketing company that can partner with you, truly partner, to tell your story and engage the hearts of your customers and clients. A marketing agency may offer video, but they’re generalists. They have to be. We’re specialists in corporate and B2B video production. It’s all we do. We know how to appeal to your target audience on an emotional level, with effective filmmaking and storytelling techniques. Our work for companies and non-profits in Indiana, throughout the midwest and beyond, is truly unique and special. And not because that’s just what we aim to be ourselves, but because that’s who our many satisfied clients say we are.

Every video project from the Storyteller Studios is tailor-made. Get in touch with us for a free estimate. We’ll respond with a custom quote for you within 24 hours.

Leverage a Corporate Videographer for Peak Marketing Impact

Effective online marketing efforts demand engaging visual content and compelling narratives. A corporate videographer offers much more than technical skills; they provide a critical strategic advantage.

First, a corporate videographer breathes life into your brand. They translate your brand’s values, unique selling proposition, mission and vision into engaging narratives, establishing meaningful emotional connections with your audience. The result? Stronger brand loyalty and a more compelling brand narrative. Your brand is the story your stakeholders tell about it. What story are they telling?

Social media platforms hold enormous marketing potential. A corporate videographer ensures your brand’s social media presence captivates. They create eye-catching visuals and an emotional appeal that increases engagement, shares, and reach.

A corporate videographer’s versatility shines in internal communication and training, too. They render complex information accessible and engaging, ensuring effective employee training. They can capture the essence of corporate events through an engaging montage, preserving the energy and message of your event.

While smartphones may provide a convenient means of video production, it’s crucial to remember that video quality directly reflects your brand’s image. A professionally produced video guarantees a positive impression. A seasoned videographer like someone on our team brings a depth of understanding of marketing strategies and a creative vision that aligns with your brand’s objectives, delivering an end product that far surpasses in-house efforts.

The bottom line is that a great corporate videographer is an indispensable specialist. They deliver high-quality content tailored to your brand’s needs, offering a strategic advantage that can significantly elevate your visibility and reach. Investing in a corporate videographer equips marketers with a powerful tool to stand out from the crowd, move more people, and build their brands.