A note

from our Founder.

Thank you

for your interest in Storyteller’s boutique video marketing services.

Recently, a client told me she found us searching on the internet at 3 in the morning after months of frustrating conversations with other potential video partners. She felt immediately we were the team she had been looking for, but just couldn’t find. And I’m so glad she did.

I started this business 11 years ago because I wanted to leverage my blended experience in documentary film, television, and corporate marketing to help companies and causes like yours tell their stories and move more people with video.

Now we are a team of 6 talented, like-minded, values-driven mid-Americans. We’ve worked in 23 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and one Canadian province, but more importantly, we’ve helped small businesses grow, non-profits to raise thousands of dollars for their cause, and national brands land global contracts.

Storyteller Studios Founder Josh Hester

What I wanted was to create the highest quality, most effective work possible. Not the most work, or with the biggest team. But the best work, with the right team. That’s what we’ve built.

Maybe, like our new client, you’ve talked with other potential video partners already. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, I can tell you we are different. In a good way.

We believe the most effective work is the fruit of strategic collaboration between teams who are a great fit for each other. There are no freelancers or “hired guns” here. Our team is 100% committed to amplifying inspiring lives, lifting our collective gaze, and connecting people through the power of story.

Join us!

Josh Hester, Principal & Executive Producer