GIFTED: The Docuseries

Episode One of GIFTED: The Docuseries follows the inspirational story of Donor Hero, Heather Miller. Just weeks away from graduating from West Virginia University to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse, Heather’s family faced the ultimate decision. On life support following a tragic car crash, Heather would want her last act on Earth to be helping others. Honoring her legacy, the Miller Family donated her organs so four people could live on through the miracle of transplantation.

Episode One follows the Miller Family’s journey through grief and healing as they honor Heather by not only bringing awareness to the issue of organ and tissue donation, but by raising money to fund nearly 200 Nursing Scholarships. Viewers will hear from the first responders and healthcare professionals who not only cared for Heather in her final days, but have found inspiration in the Miller Family’s mission to honor Heather’s legacy.

Viewers will also learn the facts about donation and transplantation, not only through the professionals dedicated to this life-saving work, but from one of Heather’s recipients who shares his gratitude for Heather, and the Miller Family’s, selfless act in their darkest hour.

Episode One of GIFTED: The Docuseries will inspire you as you witness the strength of the Miller Family who found purpose through their pain!

With your support, Gifted Productions is on a mission to inspire people about organ donation through factual storytelling and education.The Storyteller Studios works with Executive Producer, Robert Horsey, to bring awareness to the importance of organ donation and the people still waiting for a match.