It’s a noisy world – especially the world of television and radio advertising. It’s more challenging than ever to get noticed. What’s a good strategy?

The goal of modern television and radio ads is simple: capture attention, solicit interest, drive people to your website. Gone is the little pen and pad on a side table next to the television to write down phone numbers and street addresses. Gone are the yellow pages. Gone is the viewer’s appetite for formulaic messages.

Your web presence is the front door of your business. Ads only invite people to knock.

Imagine your spot in the context of the sea of spots running around it. Avoid wall-to-wall voice-over, cheesy music tracks, desperate attempts at cleverness. Tell your story, keep it simple.

For this radio spot produced for Westwoods Lodge, we opted for a layer of dining and kitchen sounds, rather than any music track. We selected a voice talent that could be a character in the story of Westwood’s Lodge. We wrote a minimal voice-over that left enough room for the character to shine. We didn’t sacrifice precious time including every single dining special offered, a phone number, or street address. We captured attention by creating the atmosphere of Westwood’s with sound. We solicited interest with character and story. We invited listeners to google the rest.

Westwoods Lodge [Radio :30]