Social Enterprise. Culture Shift. Permission-Giving Leadership.

What do these terms mean?

You may have some idea based on your own perception and experience, but do you know what I mean when I say them?

In 2008, Uri Hasson, a Princeton Neuroscientist, conducted a study in which participants were shown two programs. The first was a 10-minute clip of a televised concert in New York City. The second was Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “Bang! You’re Dead.” During the concert, he observed only a 5% stimulation response in the subjects’ brain cortex. During the film? 65%. Stories electrify our brains.

Bishop Robert Schnase recently hired us to help him build meaning around the concepts presented in a book he’s written, Just Say Yes, about how church cultures tend to unnecessarily restrain their members from engaging in meaningful ministry and what we can do about it. So, how are we doing it? We’re telling stories – 4 of them so far – about churches and church members who are already living the concepts in real life.

If you’re still wondering what I mean by “Social Enterprise,” watch this video:

Bridge Bread Advocacy Video

Do you need to build understanding and meaning around a complicated concept? Tell a story about it. It will literally make the concept “click” in a person’s brain.

Stories create faster, stronger, more emotional and personal connections than any other method.

Are you telling yours?

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