How we work.

No scripts, no storyboards, no pain!

We’re documentary filmmakers at heart. We conduct on-camera interviews for a living. And we’re among the best in the country at creating strategic messaging using real words from real people. If you’ve been reluctant to pursue professional video production because of the complexity of the production process, we have good news for you.


All of our work is tailor-made to help you accomplish your most important goals. It begins on a discovery call with Executive Producer, Josh Hester, and Production Manager, Lydia Stuemke. We’ll talk through your vision and how we can best help you fulfill it. It all gets written up in a formal proposal. Once the budget is approved and our service agreement is signed, you’ll begin pre-production with Lydia. She’s your concierge every step of the way. 🥂

messaging and planning

Every great video starts with a great plan. Pre-production is arguably the most important work we do. It can also be the most challenging. Lydia and Josh will personally coach you and your team through securing buy-in from key stakeholders, clarifying your message, and scheduling your production day(s). We bring over 20 years of experience to your team and our thoughtful planning tools make it simple. ✔️


Most of the hard stuff is behind us. It’s time to work with our Emmy-winning production crew to follow-through on all we’ve planned. And they do. We are now a team of 6 talented mid-Americans. We’ve worked in 23 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and one Canadian province, but more importantly, we’ve helped small businesses grow, non-profits to raise thousands of dollars for their cause, and national brands land global contracts. Let’s roll! 🎥


Video editing is magic. You can expect to receive private review links to your edit(s) within 4 weeks of wrapping production. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and requests for changes. Two rounds of revisions are included in every budget. We’ll work with you until the edits are perfect.


Once fully approved, you’ll be provided a secure download link to a zip archive that includes all of the final edited video files and a set of custom thumbnail images you can use when posting to websites, streaming services, and social media channels. We archive every frame we shoot for a minimum of 2 years. Our team is always standing by to assist with any hiccups in getting your videos published. We enjoy following up and hearing our clients tell us they are seeing stronger, more meaningful engagement than ever before. 😉