With video becoming a crucial part of most marketing strategies, it’s only a matter of time before your company asks you to appear in a corporate video shoot. One of the first questions you’ll likely ask is, “What should I wear?”

Selecting the right wardrobe is very important to think about. Certain outfits just don’t present well on video. And we always want our clients to look and feel their best on camera.

Also, your corporate video communicates your brand’s voice, identity, and values, so you certainly don’t want to send the wrong message about your brand with the wrong attire.

Here’s our fashion 101 guide for on-camera interviews:

Solid Colors Are The Safest Choice

Simple, solid colors, and muted earth tones are a camera’s best friend. Thin stripes and small patterns, on the other hand, can create a nasty visual distraction due to an effect called moire. The same goes for accessories such as bowties, scarves, and ties. The camera loves soft blues, neutrals, and browns.

Avoid high-contrast clothing like bright red pants with a bright white shirt. If you do plan to wear a white shirt, consider covering it with a solid color in the form of a vest or a blazer.

Similarly, black clothes can translate well on camera, but an all-black attire can interfere with certain backgrounds and on-camera contrast, possibly creating a “floating head” effect.

It’s only appropriate to wear a logo if you’re promoting a brand or a cause. If not, avoid brand names and logos altogether.

Most importantly, we want you to feel awesome on camera. We’re really good at making people feel comfortable on camera, but we know it can still be nerve-wracking. Everyone has a certain ensemble or certain color they feel they look best in. This is a great opportunity to wear it provided it aligns with some of our rules of thumb above.

Look Sharp

Always make sure your clothes are not only well-pressed and wrinkle-free, but also that they fit appropriately when you’re seated. The camera accentuates any loose threads or particulates on your clothes.

Avoid Flashy Accessories

If you plan on wearing jewelry, keep it uncomplicated. Large, flashy jewelry can catch the light in unexpected ways and distracts viewers. Also, resist noisy bracelets, especially if you’re prone to talking with your hands—the sound can be disruptive.

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