Tell your story, move more people.

We’ve become one of the top video marketing agencies serving Chicago because we believe that engaging videos are more than beautiful images. Engaging videos tell stories. Stories connect people. And people support businesses and causes they feel connected to. That’s why we exist. To connect people through the power of story. Modern marketers understand that to be effective they must make an emotional appeal to their audience. People don’t decide to purchase a product or a service, or to support a cause, with their head. They make those decisions with their heart. And story is the universal language that captures the heart. But we make beautiful images, too.

The Storyteller Studios – Video Marketing Chicago

It really works. And we’re experienced experts. Our video productions have been nationally recognized for excellence several times over, and our clients report a higher return on investment than any other marketing tool they’ve tried.

We’ve had the privilege of providing the highest quality video marketing for companies and causes of all shapes and sizes in Chicago, throughout the midwest and beyond. Over the years, our work has taken us to the slums of Africa, the cafes of Berlin, the islands of Puerto Rico, the loft apartments of Chicago, the rolling countryside of East Texas, and the fruit farms of California’s Central Coast.

You won’t move people if you’re not using video marketing to do it.

High-quality, professional video marketing is an essential part of the strategy of any small business, company, non-profit, or cause in Chicago. Data shows that marketers who use video grow twice as fast as those who don’t. Why is that?

Video marketing keeps visitors on your website longer and keep them more engaged. The average visitor spends 88% more time on sites and pages with video. Well over half of all internet traffic now occurs on mobile devices and 82% of all internet traffic is video. Already, as you’re reading this, current data shows that 9 out of 10 people who watch a video on their mobile device will share it with another person. For example, one single video we recently produced for one of our clients currently has over 300 shares on Facebook and has reached more than 30,000 people. Would you be happy with that kind of engagement?

It’s clear. High-quality video can be the difference between gaining a customer or supporter and losing one. Get a quote today. You can’t afford not to.