Videos are no longer a novelty on social media platforms; they’re the norm. In fact, your audience not only expects, but prefers video to other types of content.

Don’t believe us? The facts speak for themselves:

Social media posts that feature videos get 48% more views. In fact, social media marketers claim that 64% of users are more likely to purchase products or services after watching a video.

Think about it: videos are so much more engaging than images and text. A well crafted video introduces viewers to your brand, your people, your products, and your services in a way that moves people emotionally and creates powerful brand affinity.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that brands are increasingly using social media videos as part of their marketing strategy to connect with their audience. But what types of videos work best?

People discovering your content on their social media feeds are not going to watch a video that feels like an ad. You know the ones. Cheesy graphics, somebody shouting at us in a scripted voice-over, bad actors. People like videos that feel real, with real people speaking in their own words. They also like videos they find valuable.

Valuable videos teach viewers something they didn’t know, show them something they don’t usually get to see, or entertain them in a way that is surprising. Not only are people more likely to watch these videos until the end, they’re also more likely to share them with someone else.

It’s simple. Valuable videos reach more people.

 Here are 7 different types of social media videos that people find valuable.

  1. Tips & Tricks Videos
    These videos teach us something we didn’t know before. “3 must-do regular furnace maintenance tasks,” or “How much should I be saving in my 401k?” or “Fun ways to encourage your kids to brush their teeth.” These videos are really shareable because everyone wants to spread good life hacks. They also really serve your audience well and position you as the expert in your field. Viewers will remember you for this when they do need your products or services.
  2. Staff Profile Videos
    These videos personally introduce us to a member of your staff and to the neat work they do. Check out this video we made about a music therapist at our local children’s hospital. It’s adorable. These videos endear the audience to your brand and the great people that carry out your mission.
  3. Event Re-cap Videos
    Are you hosting some kind of event? Consider posting a highlight video. People who missed out can feel the FOMO they deserve and people who attended can share with friends, family, or colleagues. For example, did you know that tradesmen make a ceremony out of the last piece of steel that goes up on a building? They do. Watch here.
  4. Product Demo Videos
    Do you ever want to unbox an item in the store before you buy it to see what it really feels like or looks like? These videos let your customers see a product up close and gives them a chance to sort of “try before they buy” through video. And they don’t have to check to see if anyone’s looking down the aisle first. Here’s a good demo of a product we could have gotten a whole lot of use out of in college.
  5. Behind-The-Scenes Videos
    These videos show us something we don’t usually get to see and they invite us to be a part of something that feels exclusive. Check out this video we made for The Block, a farm-to-table restaurant in St. Louis. Warning: it may cause hangriness.
  6. Your Brand Story Video
    Imagine if Ken Burns made a documentary about your business or cause. That’s what a brand story is. And if you think your product or service isn’t worthy of a Ken Burns film, you’re wrong! Here is one we made for an auto body shop and we love it. Watch here.
  7. Testimonial Videos
    This might be the most powerful type of marketing video out there. Who better to talk about your product or service than another human who loves it?! You really can’t make too many of these. Here’s a great one we made for Renken Dentistry. And it’s popular. As of this writing, almost 5,000 people have watched this video on Renken’s Facebook page.

    5,000 people thinking and talking about Mike and the dental office that changed his life!

Move More People On Social Media With Professional Video

The Storyteller Studios is a team of professional videographers that help you create videos that present your brand’s voice in a fresh and compelling way.

Based near St. Louis, MO, our video production company can take your social media marketing to the next level. Reach out to us for a free quote.